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The Norfolk community is unique in many ways.  In Norfolk, everyone matters and everyone makes a difference.  In our very special community, we relate to one another as family.  You will find frum Jews of every type sharing Shabbos meals, hanging out together and working together on community projects.

Our community is growing both in number and in Yiddishkeit.  Community members are comfortable sharing both inspiration and struggles, and find support in their personal growth.

In Norfolk, every community member makes  a difference.  There are many volunteer opportunities and ways to contribute to the different organizations in town.  Your opinions matter and your efforts are appreciated.

  • In Norfolk, everyone feels like family. When one family makes a simcha, the entire community is part of that simcha.


  • People chose Norfolk because they find that Norfolk is a wonderful place to raise a frum family. Being part of a smaller community and not having to worry about the 'rat races' of the bigger cities, allows for a greater focus on middos tovos.


  • Shabbos in Norfolk is a unique experience and one that visitors are always impressed by. Norfolk families enjoy sharing their homes with their friends and guests, by inviting them into their houses for shabbos meals. 

  • With one main shul, Norfolk’s Orthodox community is a diverse one. We don’t like to label people and stick them in a box, we have one big box and it is a very accepting one.

  • In Norfolk, we have all the institutions needed to raise a frum family.

  • Torah Learning is a cornerstone of the growth of Norfolk, VA. There are learning opportunities for men, women, and children throughout the week. There are many weekly shiurim, chavrusa opportunities, classes for children, daily daf yomi shiur, and much more.​

  • There are many sources for kosher food in Norfolk. Several local supermarkets carry a variety of chicken, meats, and deli, along with many other hard to find kosher products.

  • Free tuition first year for Kindergarten through 8th grade and generous scholarships available after that.

  • Free Shul membership first year

  • Job placement assistance

  • $30,000 in moving incentives spread out over 3 years to those that qualify*

      * If interested in moving and receving incentives please fill out this form:

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