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B'nai Israel Congregation

The community shul, Bnai Israel Congregation, is the center of our Orthodox community. Between Shabbos and weekday services, kiddush every shabbos, classes and programs for kids and adults, simchas and events, the Shul is always busy.

In the relatively short time that Rabbi Eisenberg has been the Rav, he has inspired the community to reach higher both in spiritually and in numbers. Everyone feels welcome at Bnai Israel!

 Norfolk Area Community Kollel

“Inspiration through Education” is more than a tagline for The Norfolk Kollel; it's a mission. Through inspirational lectures, interactive classes, social events and one-on-one learning the kollel rabbis have changed the face of the Norfolk Jewish community. Their energy and outgoing personalities have allowed them to connect to and touch Jews from all over the area.

Toras Chaim Elementary School

Toras Chaim services boys and girls from infants through 8th grade. Our students receive an authentic Torah chinuch and a high quality general studies education in an atmosphere that focuses on middos and devotion to Hashem.  The students learn from Rebbeim and Moros who live the lessons and values that they teach and exceptional secular teachers who convey both the content and the flavor of their studies.

Toras Chaim is dedicated to the belief that Jewish children and their families can join together to create a nurturing environment that fosters a love for Hashem, His Torah, and our Jewish heritage.

Yeshivas Aish Kodesh

Yeshivas Aish Kodesh was originally created to meet the needs of the local Norfolk high school boys. The special atmosphere of the Norfolk community, as well as the warm, caring rebbeim and staff, combined with a high level of learning and secular education, has become a national resource. Students from Baltimore, New York, Lakewood and other cities around the country have availed themselves of this gem. The students have become a real part of our community by occasionally davening in the local shul and eating Shabbos meals with local families. The relationship that exists between the rebbeim and their talmidim in Yeshivas Aish Kodesh is difficult to match anywhere in the world.

Bina High School 

The education at BINA High School is not only about academics. The school focuses on helping it’s students develop a relationship with Hashem and a real understanding of their place in the Jewish continuity. The school embraces each girl's individuality and encourages its students to develop their creativity and passions through many extra-curricular programs. The high teacher-to-student ratio provides each student the opportunity to develop a relationship with a role model that remains  with them throughout their lives. The experiences and education they receive in Bina allows the girls to go on to seminary and college of their choice.

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