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Thinking about relocating to a warm and welcoming, growing Torah community, where you and your family can make a significant difference?

​Consider the Torah Community of Norfolk, Virginia, a dynamic and growing center of Torah life!

"I found the community thoroughly delightful – a rich mixture of many seasoned FFB bnei Torah, and a greater number of serious, long-term baalei teshuvah. The visit afforded me an opportunity to encounter the unexpectedly full assortment of Torah institutions: a day school in frum hands, boys' high school and yeshiva, girls' high school, chesed organizations. It seemed to me to be a community that is underappreciated as a place that should attract young couples wishing to escape the congestion and pressures to conform of the Tri-State area without compromising the chinuch of children. Virginia is a voucher state, so chinuch is affordable, while housing is reasonable."

-Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein, 

Senior Staff Memeber at the

Simon Wiesenthal Center

"I moved to Norfolk with my family almost two years ago. Initially, we thought we would end up back in the greater New York area but with time, we realized we fit better in an out of town community.
Norfolk epitomizes achdus. Upon walking into shul on any given shabbos, one will find families of all different stripes. No one is placed in a box - we are all friends, our kids all go to school together! We feel truly blessed to be part of a vibrant, growth oriented community."

- A.P.

"We moved from Lakewood, NJ to Norfolk almost a year ago, and immediately saw what an amazing and warm community that Norfolk is. The children here grow up with such a strong love of Yiddishkeit, and truly emulate their parent's attitude of "What can I do to help you?"
​Our young children are always so excited to go to school during the week and to shul on Shabbos. After about 6 months of living here, we decided to buy a house. We hope to be part of and contribute to the Norfolk family for many more years!"


-"Before living in Norfolk, I was a part of larger "out of town" community where I felt like I got a little lost in the shuffle. Moving to Norfolk has made me feel like I really matter. I feel as though I actually make a difference. Getting involved is easy, and picking up new projects to facilitate in its growth and enrichment are more fulfilling than before. The community here is built on strong bonds of friendship, altruism, and Torah. I didn't think I would find such an amazing home here, but the longer I stay the more I realize that Ha'Shem had big plans for me all along."
​-B. R.

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